Undetectable just nominated for seven Indie Series Awards!


Best Drama Series
Best Directing - Sam T Wilson
Best Writing  - Todd Flaherty
Best Supporting Actor- Andrew Glaszek & Jerreme Rodriguez
Best Lead Actor - Todd Flaherty
Best Ensemble 


Bareback Ink opened to stellar reviews! Bob Bartlett's poetic, sexy, and haunting play breathes new life into the ancient Greek Myth of Ganymede. 


Undetectable just got a great write up in the 

Huffington Post!!!!

Readings Readings Readings!


Got to exercise my "character actor" muscles at the Rattlestick this week playing a Sinatra crooner, a mentally impaired child, a born-again religious zealot, and a dangerously unstable and violent ward of the state in Robert Boswell's new play Tumbledown. 

AND... It was an honor to present a reading of Rachel Calnek-Sugin's Chimera with Jessica Hecht!


The Jamb ​opened to terrific reviews!

"Todd Flaherty is very funny!" ~ The New Yorker

"As Brandon, Todd Flaherty deserves special mention...With the help of Brantley’s intelligent writing, as The Jamb progresses Flaherty slowly manages to reveal how Brandon is so much more than we might expect, yet in a way that consistently stays true to who this character is, and is never false or forced. It’s a masterful performance." ~ Theater Is Easy


New Episodes of Tracy&Cal

The Hit Relationship Advice Show!


Undetectable now streaming on

Revry and Dekkoo!!


Pirira is in the news!


Pirira wins NYIT Award for

Outstanding Premier Production of a Play!!!

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