Todd Flaherty 


Chrissy Judy                             Judy (lead)                      Undetectable Productions 

Let's Meet Again...(short)        Adam (lead)                    Undetectable Productions

Undetectable*                   Matthew (lead)            Dir. Sam T Wilson

Pretty Girls (short)              Yves (supporting)        Dir. Andrew Gitomer

The Fuzz (web)                   Puppeteer                   Yahoo Screen/Dir. Duncan Skiles


Bareback Ink                        Canvas/Ganymede     IRT Theatre/Dir. David Drake

The Jamb                             Brandon                     Hard Sparks/Dir. David Drake

Pirira**                                Chad                          Theatre 167/Dir. Ari Laura Kreith

Dead Letter Office               John                           S.S.Society/Dir. Zackary Grady

I Like To Be Here                 Sean                          New Ohio/Dir. Ari Laura Keith

The Austerity of Hope         Jamie                        June Havok/Dir. Dan Dinero 

We Are Nebeneinander       Dedalus                    American Lab/Dir. Michael Stablein

Slap&Tickle                         Sam                           Provincetown Theatre/Dir. David Drake

Fresh Kills                            Arnold                      59E59/Dir. Isaac Byrne  

Lord of the Flies                  Simon                       Teatro LaTea/Dir. Joseph Seabring  

Various readings, workshops, and development for HardSparks, Theatre167, EST, TOSOS, Horse Trade, Rattlestick and more


NYU Tisch - BFA                                                   Atlantic Acting  School


                    Acting:         Kristen Johnston, Karen Kohlhaas, Mary McCann, Neil Pepe, Scott Zigler  

                    Classical:      Charles Tuthill
                    Voice:           Katie Bull, Ilsa Pfeiffer, David Wells
                    Movement:   Per Brah (Masks), Kelly Maurer (Suzuki, VP), Josh Pais, George Russel (Improv Dance)
                    Speech:        Susan Finch, Charles Layton
                    Singing:        Jack Lee
                    Puppetry:      David Fino (Mouth and Rod)
                    On Camera:  Heidi Marshal

 Special Skills 

Various Dialects, Character Voices,  Long Form Improv, Sketch Comedy Writing, Yoga, Basic Juggling, Whistling,  Puppetry, Drivers License, Passport

Awards & Nominations

*Indie Series Award:  Best Lead Actor (Winner), Best Writing (Winner), Best Drama Series (Nom)

**NYIT Awards:  Outstanding Premier Production of a Play (Winner), Outstanding Ensemble (Nom)