Let's meet again at the end of the world


After a year apart, hopeless romantic, Adam, runs into his ex during a seaside vacation. Thoughtlessly entangling himself in a weeklong romance, Adam must decide whether to rekindle their flame or break free from the tumultuous relationship once and for all.

Written and Directed by Todd Flaherty - 12 min  narrative fiction 

Chrissy Judy



When his best friend and creative partner couples off and moves away, an ambitious New York drag queen determined for the limelight must reinvent himself or risk becoming an irrelevant solo act both on stage and off.

Teaser for Undetectable Production's upcoming feature film Chrissy Judy. 90 mins

Written and Directed by Todd Flaherty.



Undetectable follows Matthew as he navigates personal and romantic relationships with the new stigma of being HIV positive. I'm very proud to have written and co-directed this series.


Matthew opens up about how he became HIV positive.

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